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Five Minutes With International Model Reece Sanders

Since being scouted a year and a half ago, 21 year old Reece Sanders has modelled all over the world for the likes of Dior, Vogue, Paul Smith and Topman. He’s also best friends with Rascal Clothing founder, Jack Allen. Fresh from Paris Fashion Week, we caught up with him at the Rascal Clothing Launch Party in London last week.

Reece at a recent Rascal shoot. Photography by Josh Johnes.

Reece: Pictured wearing the Rascal Small Logo T-shirt in White, £11.99. Photography by Josh Jones.

Leaning against a brick wall outside London Club Mahiki, in a simple white button-up shirt, he tells us about the day his modelling career began.

“It was crazy!” he laughs, “I got scouted in the street. I was drunk, I had blood all down me, and some man appeared and said I had a beautiful face, I thought he was joking. The next thing I know, I’m being signed.”

Since then, the cheeky Northerner explains how his life has been a bit of a roller-coaster, with no signs of slowing down.

“I’ve had highs, I’ve had lows, I’ve had middles (!), no seriously, it’s been good. I literally just got back from Paris last night, and came straight to London for the Rascal Launch.”

behind the scenes

Reece pictured wearing he Rascal Original T-Shirt in Grey, £12.99.
Photography by Josh Jones

Reece’s success in the fashion industry has meant opportunities all over the world.

“Recently, I’ve been all over; London, Paris, Milan” he explains, “Next week I’m off to Paris again, and then I’ve got New York fashion week coming up.”

As well as working frequently in the fashion capitals of the world, Reece also tells us about his relationship with Japan.

“It’s definitely not my favourite city, but there’s a lot of work out there for me, and really crazy, interesting work at that.”

When asked who he thought was the nicest guy in fashion, Reece immediately answered with ‘Paul Smith, the guy’s a legend!’

The English fashion designer, who is also from Nottingham, caused a storm with his Autumn/Winter collection at this year’s Paris Fashion week.

“All of his clothes are based on magic mushrooms” explains Rhys, “We were given free mushroom t-shirts and beer before the show. I’d work for him every day if I could, if he booked me exclusively for the whole year, I’d do it.”

Designers and jet-setting aside, we couldn’t help but wonder… just what does this international model wear on his day off?

“I have a mate who runs another label called Blue Cheese clothing”, says Reece, “he sends me a lot of bits. It’s just big, hip-hop kind of garms. I’ve got a load of Rascal t-shirts too, I like nice big t-shirts, I’m into my big.”

In keeping with this cool, casual style, Reece admits that his favourite piece in the Rascal line is the vintage Mohair jumper, “I love it! They’ve got some really great stuff at the moment”.

Working in some of the world’s most amazing cities has clearly not made this model forget his roots. Reece admits that when he’s not on the catwalks, his perfect day would simply be chilling back in his hometown of Nottingham.

Photography by Josh Johnes.

Reece: Pictured wearing the Rascal Small Logo T-shirt in White, £11.99. Photography by Josh Jones.

“I’d kick back, probably with all my mates, big box of chicken, sun, chilling, stick a bit of music on, having a laugh, maybe a barbeque, that’d be fantastic”.

Despite being booked by world-famous designers and magazines consistently, it’s clear that Reece has stayed grounded. Being thrown into the fashion industry unexpectedly has given him a unique, honest outlook on the industry.

“Everything is about politics in fashion…it’s mainly about who’s done the most, who’s got the most money. For me, I just want to work for who’s the nicest guy.”

It is this rare and honest attitude which will ensure Reece’s continued success. For now, we wish him all the best of luck at the upcoming New York Fashion Week! Cheeky rascal.

Get all of the clothes pictured at

Photography by Josh Jones, find him at @joshjonesphotog, 


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