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Play Cloths AW 2013 Presentation

Launched in 2008 by Pusha T, Play Cloths is a progressive street wear brand, focusing on high-quality, fashionable clothing without compromising on practicality. On August 7th, Play Cloths presented 16 looks from their up-coming collection at West Village in New York.

In an interview with The Crosby Press, Pusha T stated that he wanted his collection to move away from

“this gothic hip-hop nasty look that happens. It’s like a big uniform that everyone wears” 

And the 16 Looks that were showcased certainly delivered on this count.

The collection builds upon the staple street wear items of bomber jackets, snapbacks, joggers and tees. Keeping their signature edge, Play Cloths mixed up these designs with whole outfits of abstract prints, which have become extremely popular in street wear, and photographic designs with an eclectic array of  Egyptian, industrial and galactic themes.

The inspiration from both the Historic Renaissance period and the galactic themes suggests Play Cloths affiliation with tradition and the history of street wear, combined with their signature progressive twist.


“The Fall Collection is inspired by high fashion, street wear, and art” – Pusha T 

fall 2013


IMG_7454 pusha t








View the official Play Cloths Autumn/Winter 2013 Lookbook here:




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