Month: September 2013

beaucoup and meagan

Launch Toronto Streetwear

With New York and London Fashion Weeks having just ended, and Milan Fashion Week only just beginning, no one can forget who are the established capitals in the business. In the meantime, designers in cities such as Toronto are grinding to put themselves on the map. Boutiques such as Launch Toronto are particularly determined to see Toronto rise, showcasing some of the hottest, most-talented designers in the city.  Despite being just a few months old, Launch Toronto has already attracted some of Toronto’s best up-and-coming designers including Think Reese, Street Chief,  and Beaucoup Fashion House, who will be showcasing at Toronto Fashion Week later this year, and appeared on CTV Morning Live Ottowa for their Fashion Week earlier this month.  Amidst the beautiful rails of handpicked samples and the sound of Toronto’s homegrown artist The Weeknd playing in the background, I talked to owner of Launch, Meagan Jett, about the boutique’s unique designers, building the city’s fashion reputation, and what we can expect from Toronto Fashion Week 2013. What is it which sets Toronto apart …

NB this is not the whole crew! From left to right: Rey James, Reckless Murrell, Afroditee, Fine$t GQ, Kenny B Smooth and Precious.

Introducing… Tribe Toronto

Tribe Toronto Tribe Toronto is a 12-strong retro collective who live and breathe the fashion, culture, and lifestyle of the 80s and early 90s. They’re known to each other as family, to the vintage owners on Queen Street in downtown Toronto as that crew, and to strangers as the guys with the beat boxes. I spent a day as an honorary member of the group which meant vintage shopping, dancing on the pavements, and learning about what draws so many people to the positive vibes of this unique group. How did Tribe Toronto come about? Fine$t GQ: Kenny B Smooth and I got chatting online, we had the same ideas, discovered we were part of the same movement, and wanted to chill and meet up. On Canada Day we just happened to bump into each other. After that we organised to meet with others in Dundas Square in downtown TO. Kenny B Smooth: Fine$t brought the “Retro Heads” and that’s when the group was started, on August 18th 2012. Wow, so you guys really haven’t …