Month: May 2014

Branding image Style #3 pt 1

Godfrey Mensah releases Keniya-X Label

“The structure of the garment empowers the structure of the mind” – KENIYA X LABEL Former creative director of Toronto’s Beaucoup Fashion House, Godfrey Mensah is used to producing high quality, high fashion luxury pieces consistently, so when he dropped his newest label, Keniya-X, it was bound to be good. Keniya-X Label is named after Mensah’s daughter and ‘generation X’: the stronghold of Culture shifts. Refusing to categorize itself as a brand, Keinya-X has instead established itself as a collective of creators expressing a fortitude in craftsmanship and passion. The mainline, ‘DECONSTRUCTED’ recently showcased ‘crossing borders’ at Ottawa Fashion Week and was met with a great response for the culture-shifting brand. With mystery surrounding the next stages of development for both DECONSTRUCTED and sub-line CUT & SEW we can but wait with baited breath (and watch the beautifully directed video below again and again…huge respect for director Diego Sanchez) Spring/Summer 2014 CUT & SEW women’s line available to pre-order from Launch Toronto (interviewed by The Leake last summer)   Follow Keniya on Instagram & Facebook  Love this? More fashion from Toronto Watch the full video here: Video credits: Creative …