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OVO Summer

Hands up if you’ve ever owned an item that you adored but never wore? Okay, hands down. Mine is a limited edition, hard-to-get, only-available-in-Canada-and-the-US snapback from two years ago, when Drake collaborated with New Era.

I brought it back after a holiday and its had pride of place on my shelf ever since, only coming out on special occasions such as the University American Football Game (acceptable) or one time during an internship when I was feeling pretty Nicki Minaj (not acceptable).

The truth is, I adore the three Ss: streetwear, snapbacks and sneakers, but they don’t really fit with my personal style so I tend to admire them from afar. I know what you’re thinking: style is whatever you make it. But when you grow up surrounded by ponies & Pimms, it doesn’t always work to throw a snapback into the mix.

And snapbacks, like sneakers (with a following known as Sneaker Freakers) have their own cult worshippers. Type ‘Snapback’ into Pinterest and it immediately suggests adding ‘girls’. Snapback Girls are a whole other ball game: feisty, smoke-blowing, fabulous females. Not myself.

So, I decided that this Saturday, I was going to redefine my snapback style. So here it is, my own styling of my snapback, for me. How do you wear yours?

FullSizeRender (31)


FullSizeRender (28)


Shot in East London by KSCAPE on an iPhone 6 (no really – this wasn’t planned & that’s all we had!)

Fashion Credits: 

Jumper: £3 Primark

High-collared black crop top: £32, Topshop

High-waisted shorts: £19.99, Zara

Clutch bag, £25, Topshop

Trainers: Adidas x Mary Katrantzou

Snapback: OVO x New Era 

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