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How Nike Use Social Media To Engage Millenials

Nike have just been named the number two brand favoured by Millenials in 2015, being pipped to the post by tech giant Apple*. It’s clear that Nike are the top dogs in the retail space, but why?

Nike shared its win with brands such as adidas (#13), Coca Cola (#11) and Starbucks (#16). What do all of these brands have in common? They all have a strong presence on social media: a space which millenials frequent constantly.

With a collective following of well in excess of 56 million*, Nike’s social media campaigns are known to everyone, so I’m going to focus on one and take it apart.

(*And that’s just the main account’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)


The ‘We Run’ hashtags are used alongside Nike’s+ famous 10ks across cities all over the world, from London to Dubai and allow the brand to build a strong community both on and off screen.

The Hashtag itself 

As far as hashtags go, this campaign was a lesson in how to use them.

Prior to the event, runners were using the hashtag to document their training runs, often engaging with others along the way, along with Nike, who were, of course, always there to provide personalised, encouraging responses on Twitter:


Every now and again, Nike would send an email to those signed up with an image to be shared on Instagram to help encourage them in their training (and use of the hashtag), thus strengthening their presence online:


The day of the race 

As race-goers arrived at Victoria Park, there was a whole host of Instagrammable elements in the Nike Village, from health-food partners to a giant sculpture of the #WeRunLondon’ hashtag which runners and their guests snapped in abundance.


After the race

After using the hashtag to document their training (along with the Nike+ running app), runners continued to use the hashtag afterwards to keep talking about their runs, with Nike to provide encouraging words every step of the way.

To date, #WeRunLondon has been used over 16,000 times on Instagram.

I for one will definitely be looking out for what they do next. What’s your favourite social media campaign this year?

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